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Call for Entries: 
18th Annual Blues Challenge: 

Band – August 26th, 2023 – VFW Post #577, 1109 E. 6th St., Tulsa, OK 
Solo/Duo –  TBD  

Entry form also can be downloaded at:  www.bluessocietyof  
Band winner(s) to receive $1500 cash prize/Solo/Duo winner to receive $500 cash prize, plus each have the option to compete at the 39th Annual International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. January 16th-20th, 2024

The undersigned hereby attests that he/she, is in fact 18 years or older, and is in fact the responsible spokesperson for the individual(s) listed on this form and identified by real or stage name, and herein referred to as The Act. The Act is defined as a soloist or individuals performing together. The undersigned spokesperson further attests that each person identified as a member of The Act has not appeared on a final Handy/Blues Music Award ballot and The Act has not competed at the IBC the previous two years representing any blues society and/or affiliate.  
It is agreed by the spokesperson that he/she and each member of The Act, do hereby exempt from all liability Blues Society of Tulsa, and all persons, organizations, and companies that are directly or indirectly associated with Blues Society of Tulsa, Blues Challenge.  
It is further agreed by the spokesperson that he/she and each member of The Act, listed below, permits Blues Society of Tulsa the right to make use of his/her names, voices, pictures, visuals and other likenesses of The Act, for the purpose of advertising, publishing and promoting the Blues Society of Tulsa.  
The undersigned spokesperson hereby acknowledges that each member of The Act is knowledgeable of and agrees to abide by the terms herein stated and the rules, of the challenge as set forth by Blues Society of Tulsa.  
Be sure to read the Blues Challenge Rules before entering the Challenge. Rules are available at:, they are also listed below. or send us a message on our Facebook page at to have rules emailed or snail mailed to you.


Entry Form 

Name of The Act, 

or SOLO/DUO: __________________________________________________________________________

Spokesperson’s Signature: ______________________________________________________________

Spokesperson’s Name (Print): ___________________________________________________________

Home Address: _________________________________________________________________________

City/ State/Zip: _________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: ___________________________________________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________________________________

Alternate Contact: ______________________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________________________________________________________


The Act :

Member Name                                                           Role (instrument &/or vocal)


Mail This Form with $25 fee if you are a solo/duo act; or $50 fee if you are a band to: 
BST Blues Challenge  
P.O. Box 2836 
Tulsa, OK 74101 
Ph# Christina 918-520-2453 

**** Entry Deadline for Band acts: July 21st, 2023 by 8pm or postmarked by July 21st 
**** Entry Deadline for Solo/Duo acts: July 21st, 2023 by 8pm or postmarked by July 21st 

DO NOT send or mail entry forms to the venue.  Please mail or hand deliver entries to a BST officer or a Blues Challenge Committee member (Christina Rybacki, Amber Pittsley, Kevin Payne, John Bell, Bill Martin or Sam Latham). 


1.    Lots will be drawn in advance to determine the playing order.
2.    Each Act will have an allotted number of minutes to perform. (Subject to change depending on number of entries)
3.    No extra time will be allowed due to equipment malfunctions of The Act.
4.    There will be set up time between acts, but the next act should be ready to go AT LEAST 1 hour before hand to keep the competition moving ahead.
5.    A panel of judges will be scoring the competition.  Each judge will rate each act independently on a score sheet.
6.    The score of The Act will be the sum-total of all judges’ scores.
7.    There should be no contact with the judges by any individual or representative of The Act during the Blues competition.
8.    An individual can compete in the Band Division and the Solo/Duo Division; however, if a winner in both, can only enter in either the Band Challenge or the Solo/Duo in the Memphis IBC in January 2024.
9.    All Individuals of THE ACT must remain the same throughout competition, up to and including IBC finals in Memphis.  Any changes or substitutions must be approved by the BST Blues Challenge Committee.
10.    Any artist whose name has appeared on a final Handy/Blues Music Award ballot is ineligible.  All other musicians who have had a peripheral and/or professional contact through performance with a Handy/Blues Music Award nominee, including but not limited to touring band members and studio musicians, are deemed eligible.
11.    Scoring will be based on Blues Content, Talent, Vocals, Originality, and Stage Presence.
12.    Any Act that competed at the IBC three consecutive years, representing any blues society and/or affiliate, is ineligible to compete for one year.
13.    An audio submission may be requested after your entry submission.  The audio quality is not that important.  This is simply to provide the challenge committee an idea of the entry’s talent level.  An audio may be anything ranging from CD, to cassette tape, or to simply a link to a YouTube performance.

14.  A maximum of 10 acts will be performing in the band competition this year.  If there are more than 12 entries, the BST Blues Challenge Committee will determine which acts will perform in the challenge.

15.  The Band competition IF there are a minimum of four (4) entries and the Solo/Duo competition if there are a minimum of four (4) entries.


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